HP Officejet 6600 Driver

HP Officejet 6600 Driver Download – Hp Officejet 6600 becomes the evolutionary product for the company. It comes with some tweaks to make its good specification much better than before. It has a great Automatic Document Feeder touchscreen control panel so that it is easy to use. In addition, it can fit a small office too. The ADF supports 35 pages with the stylish design.

You can operate the Hp Officejet 6600 with the use of touchscreen display in size of 67 mm. HP placed the display below the scanner. They also complete it with the bright screen and some dedicated buttons. The screen shows the icons and menus for their functional and clear control scheme. The design is so intuitive and easy to use. Sadly, there are no memory card slots available, including the front-panel USB socket.

Hp Officejet 6600 Wireless And Cartridge

When it comes to the USB and the wireless connection support, the machine flexibility relies on the wireless link. Besides, it offers four ink cartridges that slide and click into its place easily when you fold down the front panel of the printer. The software apps are available to support Hp Officejet 6600 such as OCR and others you can find from the ePrint Center.
For the ink cartridges, you can go with the standard or the XL versions. It comes with the higher-yield consumable to offer 2.8p on ISO black pages. Meanwhile, it needs 6.2p for the ISO color pages as its costs.

Hp Officejet 6600 Performance

Hp Officejet 6600 has modest performance. The company claimed that the speed is about 14 pages per minute for black print. Meanwhile, it offers 8 pages per minute for color printing. Based on the test, it can create 13 pages per minute for the 20-page sample. It means that it is so close. This machine is quite good as an inkjet printer.

Interestingly, the company offers it with ePrint Home and Business app so you can use your Samsung Galaxy Mini to print your documents through the available ad hock wireless link and the web. Unfortunately, this printer does not come with the duplex facility. On the other hands, this feature is so popular you can find on other inkjet printers.

The printing quality from this machine is good with the clear and crisp black text. Eventually, there will be no signs of head misalignments. It is so excellent with dense and bright colors.

In conclusion, Hp Officejet 6600 offers good quality, thanks to its fast draft mode. The printing apps are also downloadable while the cartridge loading is quite easy. On the other hands, this printer is not for you if you do not like its huge footprints when you extend the tray. It can be a matter if you cannot accept the fiddly scanner lid. It is also not a good option for you if you want a duplex printer with card slots.

HP Officejet 6600 Driver

HP Officejet 6600

HP Officejet 6600 Software Setup Instructions

How To Download:

  • Click Download File, to download the file.
  • When the File Download window appears, click Save & click OK.
  • If the Download Complete window appears, click Close.

HP Officejet 6600 installation driver using file setup without CD/ DVD

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Do not connecting USB cable, untill you be suggested USB cable connecting.
  • The download HP Officejet 6600 drivers and Install to computer or laptop.
  • In doing wizard you have to connect usb cable, this will be detections your printer.
  • Follow the on-screen your installation instructions.

HP Officejet 6600 installation driver using CD/ DVD.

  • Do not connecting cable usb, untill you will be suggested usb cable to computer.
  • Insert CD disk, to CD/DVD drive & following setup wizard from CD with following all Instructions.
  • In doing wizard you have to connect usb cable, this will be detections your printer.
  • Follow the instructions that appear during installation.

HP Officejet 6600 installation driver manual using “Add printer”

  • The download HP Officejet 6600 driver
  • Connecting cable usb between computer & printer.
  • Extract file aplications zip to locations file.
  • Click Start Control Panel.
  • Click “Add printer.”
  • See the instructions on the screen. Follow the steps.

HP Officejet 6600 Wireless Setup

Hp Wi-Fi Direct and Wireless Direct

Follow the steps below to activate Wi-Fi direct

  • Head to the control panel of HP Officejet 6600 printer. And choose the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • You Are in Wi-Fi Direct option & now choose Settings. Here you can turn on the Wi-Fi Direct option.
  • You can even connect five devices through this Wi-Fi method.

Note: To activate Wi-Fi direct, make sure that you have an internet connection. Connect printer to your PC by using a USB Cable. Here are the steps to start Wi-Fi Direct connection:

  • Open your HP Officejet 6600 software.
  • Choose Tools & continue to Device Setup & Software. Choose Connect a new device.
  • You can find Wireless option under the connection tab.
  • There will be a list of the available printers. And choose your HP printer.
  • Follow the instructions on screen so you can complete the setup.

HP Officejet 6600 Driver and Software Download

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HP Officejet 6600 Driver Windows 64 Bit > Download

HP Officejet 6600 Driver Windows 32 Bit > Download

MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra), MacOS 10.12 (Sierra), 10.11.x (El Capitan), 10.10.x (Yosemite), 10.9.x (Mavericks), 10.8.x (Mountain Lion), 10.7.x (Lion).

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